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* An icemaker has now been installed in the kitchen. We thank A.L. Thompson Home Depot for the special pricing.

* We welcome new 2015 season sponsors: Silver Wheaton (Caymans) Ltd. (Platinum), James and Leslie Bergstrom (Platinum), Hurley's Entertainment (Platinum), Artisan Metal Works (Platinum), Cayman National Bank (Gold),  CentrePointe Dance Studio (Silver), Fosters Food Fair (Silver)  Our Secret Agency (Silver), Sticks and Stones (Silver) - we thank them for their generosity and support of the performing arts.

* Congratulations to Melanie Ebanks and friends - COCKTAILS AND CABARET raised over $6,000 for the Zak Quappe Scholarship Foundation. But now we have the audience asking if this kind of show can't happen more often! Volunteers?

* Sue Howe is organising A CDS CHRISTMAS - a variety show. If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer to perform or help, please contact her.

* John Gray High School sports students in the Dolphin Academy took part in an awards event at the Prospect Playhouse on June 24th and CDS provided refreshments to the students and teachers as part of our commitment to support use of the theatre by Cayman's public schools. Also on that day, the final workshop in the series for JGHS drama students took place. During the past month, some 180 students have received an overview of staging, lighting, sounds props, and costumes from the Theatre Manager.

* Some 40 people turned up, mainly in costume, for the Rocky Horror club night which raised donations for our student support programme. The auditorium was set up to show the 1975 movie in audience participation mode. Congrats to Teri Quappe on a great club evening.

* We are implementing a new secure online ticket purchase system from Eventbrite. The new system should be tested and live in time for Cocktails and Cabaret. Want a peek? Click on their logo below and see what your friends are saying about our shows. 

* We have taken delivery of some new lights (a) an Altman Comet 410 followspot and (b) three Chauvet Intimidator Spot 150 LED moving head lights for the front of stage bar. James Butterworth and theatre manager Paul de Freitas will be setting up the new lights in time for Jekyll and Hyde.

* The current phase of work to upgrade the kitchen is complete with the east and north walls having been tiled. In addition, ceiling mounted speakers located throughout the theatre were replaced and stage sound can once again be heard in the foyer, green room, dressing rooms, and upper bar. Your committee thanks Quentin Vassell and Edie's Decor for their assistance with the tiling, and Audiophile for installing the new speakers.


Mission statement
The Cayman Drama Society is committed to providing quality live theatre to educate, enrich and entertain, while providing lifelong learning opportunities and fostering creative expression.
We thank Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited - Platinum Patron of the Cayman Drama Society and more generally as a patron of the arts in the Cayman Islands

Winner of 4 Tony awards - Theatre World award - 3 Drama Desk awards - 6 Outer Critic awards
and more...

Jekyll is a kind hearted doctor who has become obsessed with the idea of separating the bad parts of mankind from the good. We meet Lisa, Jekyll's determined fiancť, who loves him with all her heart, through the good and the bad. Hyde is born out of Jekyllís experiment. He is Jekyllís bad side; he is the dark to Jekyllís light. Hyde quickly becomes obsessed with Lucy, a Prostitute, who after one meeting falls in love with Jekyll. She settles for Hyde thinking that he is all she deserves.  The show brings us on the journey of Jekyllís obsession showing us the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.


Teri Quappe

Sheree Ebanks

Musical Direction
Chuck and Barrie

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Sept 18th to Oct 11th 2014

Curtain - 7:30 pm prompt...

PG14 - No exceptions

All CDS event bookings must be prepaid.
Call Box Office on 938-1998 (Workdays 9am -5pm) or email

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For terms and conditions including our strict policy on
cameras, phones, game players and other electronic devices while a performance is in progress, no-shows and late cancellations, please click here.

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The Woman In Black January       15

The Prospect Playhouse

223B Shamrock Road, Prospect,
PO Box 1624, Grand Cayman  KY1 1109, Cayman Islands (Map)

Theatre Manager - Paul de Freitas - +1.345.916.6331
Theatre: +1.345.947.1998       ◊       Box office: +1.345.938.1998
International enquiries: +1.800.969.7415
E-mail:  (general) - (bookings)

There is that smaller world which is the stage, and that larger stage which is the world. (Isaac Goldberg 1887-1938)


The Playhouse

Curtain Corner

*  We are pleased to announce the results of the audition for  THE WOMAN IN BLACK will took place at the Prospect Playhouse on Thursday 28th August. Martin Tedd will play KIPPS and Adam Cockerill will play THE ACTOR. As usual, the Woman in Black did not turn up at the auditions but we are told that she never fails to appear in her own story.

* Keep an eye out for auditions for  A CDS Christmas (a variety show) which will run for 6 nights from November 28th to December 7th to get us all in the mood for Christmas and the other seasonal holidays. We continue to be busy!

* CNCF will be conducting auditions for the Cayman Islands Folk Singers on Saturday 6th September at 10:00 am. Males & females are welcome.


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